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MunnWorksis a global company that manufactures fine mirrors and framed artwork specifically for the hospitality industry. Everything that MunnWorks sets out to produce is a product of great history.


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The world’s only Disinfecting Mirror.

Research shows the healthcare environment has a significant impact on a patient’s ability to heal. At the same time, hospital acquired infections are a serious issue. One area of high contamination and great potential for cross contamination are the bathroom sinks and the area around the sink and drains, where microbes thrive.

The world’s only Disinfecting Mirror is the single solution that addresses both these issues: environmental design and infection control. The elegant backlit design illuminates and reflects. The germicidal UVC LED’s destroy 99.99% of HAI-causing pathogens in and around the sink including the drain in just two hours. Safe, effective and elegant, it’s a patented revolution in functional design.